View The City From Governor Hunt’s Pyramid Tomb

My son and I decided to try and visit Papago Park and see the “Hole In The Rock”. Unfortunately, many people had the same idea, and it was jam-packed. We decided to retreat from the area and head to the Hunt’s Tomb. I have known that the tomb of the first governor of Arizona is buried there, but there is more to this, I found out.

What Is Hunt’s Tomb?

George W.P. Hunt was the first governor of Arizona and was first elected in 1914. He served as governor seven times and was known as George VII. When his wife died in 1931, he decided to build a pyramid for his wife as a tomb. The pyramid sits on top of a hill in Papago Park, and you can see it from miles away.

In 2009 the Daughters of the American Revolution performed a significant renovation of the pyramid. With the permission of the governor’s descendants, they raised money and restored the pyramid.


The Plaque

The plaque beside the pyramid explains who is interned inside the pyramid now. I was surprised there were so many people inside, but they were all his family.

George Wylie Paul Hunt
December 24, 1934

Helen Duett Ellison
April 18, 1931

Wife’s Parents
Jesse Washington Ellison
January 24, 1934

Susan Melvina Smith
February 2, 1929

Wife’s Sister
Susan Helena Lena Ellison
June 14, 1953

Daughter of George and Helen Hunt
Virginia Hunt
April 21, 1985

Second Husband of Virginia Hunt
Willian E. Frund
March 9, 1975

It is an easy drive up to the parking lot next to the pyramid. A short walk up the path, and you’re at the pyramid. This would be a great stop if you only have a short time. From the pyramid, you can see Papago park, the Phoenix Zoo, and a large part of Phoenix. You can even see the control tower of the main Phoenix airport in the distance.