Top 15 Arizona Webcams

Here is my list of the top 15 Arizona webcams in no particular order. I haven’t ranked them from one to fifteen. I am just listing them for you to enjoy. If you know more webcams in Arizona that we should list please leave a comment or send us an email at info at arizonaisfun dot com.

Reid Park Zoo Cam
Enjoy the live webcams of the elephants, giraffes, grizzly, and other animals.

Tucson Audubon Society
They have a webcam pointed at the hummingbird feeder which makes for a great way to enjoy the hummingbirds flying in for a drink.

Arizona Fish and Game Department
They have webcams that you can view wildlife

Flagstaff Rail Station East
The camera is mounted on the rail station at the downtown Flagstaff rail station. If you get lucky you can see a train go by.

Tucson Rail Station
The camera is mounted on the Tucson rail station. I haven’t seen any trains going by, but I don’t know the schedule when they should.

Kitt Peak National Observatory
The observatory is southwest of Tucson on top of Kitt Peak. They have several great images from their cameras on the observatory.

News 4 Tucson
This is the local RV station in Tucson. They have several cameras around Tucson which make up their “Skynet”. You have to click-through a gallery and some pictures aren’t updated on a regular basis.

Glen Canyon National Recreational Area
I am probably bending the rules on this one. Glen Canyon is on the extreme north end of Arizona on the Utah border. The recreational area is in Arizona and Utah, but the pictures are great so enjoy.

Lake Havasu
We have to have the webcam facing the London Bridge in Lake Havasu. This is a great recreation area right on the river.

Sunrise Ski Park

Arizona Snowbowl

State Camera Traffic List
The Arizona Department of Transportation has cameras pointed at different roads around Arizona. This is their website that has all of the images from the cameras.

Live At 4th
A webcam located on 4th Avenue in downtown Tucson.

Grand Canyon National Park (from Kolb Studio on the South Rim)
You gotta have a webcam at the Grand Canyon. The camera is provided by the Grand Canyon Conservancy.

University of Arizona
The University of Arizona campus from the Computer Science offices in the Gould-Simpson building. This camera gives you a great view of the campus and the Santa Catalina mountains in the distance.