Racing Fans Should Checkout the Penske Racing Museum

If you have an auto racing fan in your family, the Penske Racing Museum might be a good stop. The museum is in the middle of the Penske Automall, so you might have to resist buying a car. There is a bunch to see for your racing fans.

The museum showcases the racing history of the Penske racing teams. They have cars from the Indianapolis 500-mile races, NASCAR, and Daytona 500 races. They also have displays of the engines used in the races.

They have a Cafe and boutique upstairs, but because of COVID, the second level was closed, so that I couldn’t take pictures of that area.

It isn’t a huge museum, but if any of your family members are into seeing some race cars, it might be worth a stop.

Penske Racing Museum

7191 East Chauncey Lane

Phoenix, AZ 85054