Cruise or Walk the Phoenix Zoo ZooLights

This year will be different at the zoo (like most things in life during 2020), and they will have the standard walking ZooLights and the new Cruise ZooLights where you can drive your car. We did the cruise through the zoo last summer and had fun experiencing the zoo from the car.

They are taking precautions, including limiting the number of people in the zoo, so you must purchase your tickets in advance. ZooLights runs from November 7, 2020, through January 31, 2021. Check the calendar for the cruise or walk because they are on different days.


Zoolights Walk-Thru

There are millions of twinkling lights showing animal sculptures and a music show with lights that flash to the music. You walk along some of the trails in the zoo and experience the many different animal light shows. Don’t forget the three-story Christmas tree at the Crossroads Cafe, and you can meet Santa and his elves at the Leapin’ Lagoon. The zoo will allow you to purchase a commemorative photo to remind you of the evening fun. If you want to ride a camel, they have that also.

Of course, they will have kettle corn and hot cocoa for purchase. It wouldn’t be a trip to the zoo if you didn’t buy the jumbo-sized bag of kettle corn.

You need to buy tickets in advance and check the schedule. The walking Zoolights are not on the same night as the Cruise Zoolights.

Members are $16 per person
General admission tickets are $20 per person

Cruise Zoolights

For the first time, the zoo is allowing people to view Zoolights ( from the comfort of your vehicle. You can tour the Africa Trail and see the new Wildlife Latern Safari, which includes polar bears, mammoths, koalas, kangaroos, and so much more. Like the walking ZooLights above, you will visit the new Outer Tropics Trail and see the Polar Paradise in the Forest of Uco.

The zoo will have holiday treats, including kettle corn and hot cocoa, for purchase, and you can purchase a commemorative Cruise Zoolights photo.

Members are $60 per car
General admission is $75 per car.